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Ryan talks about getting back to Division 1 soccer thanks to his Regenexx procedure.


Ryan Johnson: I'm back to playing division one soccer after my Regenexx procedure.

Ryan Johnson: Hi there. My name's Ryan Johnson. I currently play soccer at Drake University. I had the Regenexx SCP procedure, and I'm six months out from the initial surgery.

Ryan Johnson: In late November of 2016, I injured myself playing indoor soccer at a footsall camp. I went up to jump, actually tried to touch a basketball rim, and felt an absolute horrible twinge of pain through my hip. The next day, I went in to try and lift, do lower legs. I could no longer do squats. I couldn't run. I couldn't jump. I was basically immobile, so I desperately needed some help, and I could not do absolutely anything.

Ryan Johnson: Right after I completed my two months of physical therapy and chiropractic care, I was actually cleared and scheduled an orthopedic checkup with Dr. Jackson. I went in there extremely confident after I'd been cleared, and we found out after an MRI with contrast, I had completely torn my labrum. When Dr. Jackson initially told me that I tore my labrum, I was extremely devastated. When he left the room, my family and I actually broke down into tears. I know how serious a muscle tear is. I was almost confident I would miss the entire high school season and miss much of my pre-season going into Drake University. It was an extremely terrible feeling. However, he reminded me that we can rebound from these things and hopefully get the right treatment and be back on the soccer field as soon as possible. After my evaluation with Dr. Jackson, he recommended the Regenexx SCP procedure.

Ryan Johnson: On the day of my procedure, I went in early in the morning for a blood draw. After the blood draw, they sent the blood to the lab. I went home for roughly two hours. I came back after the blood had been in the lab and they had removed the blood platelets from my blood. Dr. Jackson inserted that later into my hip.

Ryan Johnson: The initial Regenexx SCP procedure went extremely smoothly. I actually felt a significant difference as soon as I got off the table, in my lower back. I was a little sore for the next few days in both my hip and my back, but I honestly felt more of a fulfillment in the muscles that had been torn before.

Ryan Johnson: It's been six months since my Regenexx procedure, and I'm completely pain-free. Since then, I'm 95%, and I feel extremely confident in my physical abilities.