How Soon After Subchondral Injections Will Knee Arthritis Improve?

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Knee arthritis is a painful condition that makes movement challenging and can keep you from being active. Thanks to the latest innovations in orthopedic care, you don’t have to live with knee arthritis forever. Dr. Christopher Williams and the experts at Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta have been treating arthritis patients in the Atlanta area with subchondral injections through the Subchondroplasty® procedure.

A solution from Zimmer Biomet, Subchondroplasty produces effective knee arthritis results. It takes about 6 – 8 weeks for knee arthritis to improve following an injection. The timeframe is significantly less than the several months it would take to recover from a traditional joint replacement procedure.

What makes the Subchondroplasty work?

Subchondroplasty works with a biologic that is injected into the knee bone. The biologic will include bone marrow concentrate or PRP, but Subchondroplasty also uses the AccuFill® bone substitute material (BSM) to fill various bone marrow lesions. The AccuFill BSM compound is a calcium phosphate material that has properties similar to bone structures.

The materials applied in the injection will reabsorb with the bone structure. The new bone formed in the healing process helps reduce arthritis and improve how well the bone structure functions.

The procedure may also require a bone graft. Dr. Williams can review if that is necessary, as a bone graft is only for the most significant cases.

A diagnostic imaging review is necessary at the start. An x-ray or MRI may be required to review how well your joint is working and see where the injection will go.

Are your cells harvested?

The injection procedure will require some cells harvested from your body. The injection will use these cells alongside the added injection material to promote a healthy recovery process in Atlanta, GA. The effort reduces irritation and produces a better range of motion in the knee. You can talk with us at Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta for further details about how well this can work.

Is this procedure suitable for all patients?

The Subchondroplasty procedure is useful for people with noticeable bone or tissue defects in the knee area. It works well for spots where the tissue has experienced substantial harm.

You can use this practice to help improve how well you can recover from knee arthritis. Since the procedure doesn’t require any invasive efforts, patients have an easier time responding to the practice. It takes a few weeks to notice the results, which are different from those of more intensive treatments.

You may also require multiple injections for the best results, although this varies by situation. You can ask us at Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta for details on how the practice can work.

Learn about knee arthritis treatment today

Subchondral injections are ideal for managing knee arthritis without any invasive materials. You can request an appointment with Dr. Christopher Williams and the team at Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta for details on if the procedure can work for you. You can contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment with us for services in Atlanta.

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