How Does Poor Posture Cause Neck Pain?

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Neck pain is common in patients of all ages and can be caused by poor posture. This can occur at work or while leaning over a computer. For more serious cases, osteoarthritis causes pain in the neck. Usually, neck pain is rarely a symptom of something serious. At Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta, Dr. Christopher Williams, an orthopedic specialist, examines patients to diagnose a condition or to make lifestyle suggestions.

Neck pain symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms associated with neck pain include:

  • Headache

  • Stiffness

  • Pain that worsens by holding your head in one place

  • Muscle tightness

  • Muscle spasms

  • Decreased ability to move your head

At Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta, Dr. Williams can offer helpful treatment options, including posture suggestions to help relieve your neck pain.

How does posture affect the neck?

Poor posture can cause pain by straining both the muscles and ligaments that support the neck. The head and shoulders forward posture is the most common poor posture example that leads to neck pain.

When to see a doctor for neck pain

Most neck pain will improve gradually with home treatment. However, if it doesn’t, you should seek immediate care at Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta with our experienced orthopedic specialist.

Seek immediate care if you are experiencing:

  • Severe neck pain that lasts for days

  • Pain that spreads down arms or legs

  • Pain accompanied by a headache

  • Numbness, weakness, or tingling

All these are signs of a more serious neck condition that only an experienced specialist, such as Dr. Williams, can diagnose in Atlanta, GA.

Good posture for the neck

When you are standing and sitting, make sure your shoulders are in a straight line over your hips and your ears are over your shoulders. When it comes to the best sleeping posture for neck pain, we recommend sleeping on your back, which distributes your weight with your entire spine. Place a pillow under your knees to help keep your hips, pelvis, and spine in place. For side sleepers, alternate sides regularly to maintain muscles in both sides of your neck. Sleeping on your stomach is considered the worst for your posture.

Diagnosing and treating neck pain

Dr. Williams will take a medical history and do an exam. He may order imaging tests, such as an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI. This helps him determine the cause of your pain, whether it’s something serious or if it can be alleviated with better posture.

When you require more than just lifestyle changes, our specialists at Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta offer different treatment options, including physical therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, and Regenexx orthobiologics (e.g. platelet rich plasma - PRP or stem cells).

Learn how to correct your posture to relieve your neck pain

At Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta, Dr. Christopher Williams can offer his professional opinion on what will help alleviate your neck pain. Sometimes, it’s merely lifestyle changes, while others may require a combination of treatments for the best relief. To schedule a consultation with our orthopedic specialist in Atlanta, GA, call our office today.

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